1. Electric Fence Poly Tape

      Our conductive poly tape offers great visibility, and it is very robust and resistant to rust, making it applicable under different weather conditions. So, this electric fencing product is highly recommended. The electric fence poly tape comes in different colors including white, brown, green, blue ...

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    1. Electric Fence Poly Rope

      Our electric horse fencing rope makes use of stainless steel filaments to provide high strength and good conductivity, and it doesn't flap in wind since it is less affected by wind-action. In this regard, this stranded poly rope is a perfect choice for windy areas.

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    1. Electric Fence Poly Wire

      The electric fence poly wire is exceptionally suitable to contain slow-moving animals, such as sheep and cattle but not horses since they run pretty fast. It is supplied in spools to facilitate temporary fencing, and it is also a preferred choice if you are subdividing a paddock.

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    1. Electric Fence AccessoriesThese fencing accessories have distinct colors, thus making the fence line conspicuous for both human and livestock. The post insulator fastens and connects poly tape, poly rope or wire firmly to form a perfect electric fence.
    1. Electric Fence PostConstructed from PP, our livestock fencing post allows easier installation and transportation when compared with wooden fence post, and it also boasts better firmness and insulation property. So, this plastic fence post is a preferred choice to work instead of conventional wooden post.

Electric Fence

The electric fence helps to build up a durable and maintenance-free electrified fencing system for animal husbandry and breeding industry to keep in horses, chickens, rabbits, sheep and other livestock while keeping out predators, thus saving both operation cost and maintenance time. In addition, the low voltage high current pulse is very safe for animals inside.

1. Compared with other fencing materials, our electric fencing is cheap, easy-to-install and maintenance free because it is completely made from high quality PP, PE or nylon, while the conductor material, namely stainless steel wire or copper wire, undergoes special treatment to ensure its rust and corrosion resistance.

2. For end-users, the electric pasture fence is much easier to cut than conventional barbed wire fence. It can be moved easily to cover the entire pasture or farm, and its height is adjustable. Furthermore, users could assemble this livestock electric fencing by themselves in a simple and convenient way instead of asking help from professional staff.

3. For distributors, the electric fence boasts great competitive advantages that make it unnecessary to promote our product too hard, and we will explore global market with our distributors. Every year, we take out 30% of our profit to develop new protective electric fencing so as to maintain market competitiveness and guarantee reasonable economic return for dealers.

As a prominent electric fence manufacturer in China, we have 6 patented products up to now, including braided rope, electric fence braided rope, electric fence tape for snail, elastic electric fencing rope, electric fence net and combined electric fencing tape. We can develop new electric fence with customers that have special requirements. For example, we are now working with American clients to develop luminous electric rope.

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