1. Polyethylene RopeWith a beautiful look, the braided PE rope provides versatile applications, making it a commonly used material in bundling and other fields that have requirements in appearance.
    1. Polypropylene Rope

      This product absorbs extremely little moisture even when it is thrown into water, and it possesses stable chemical property and very light weight, making it commonly used for places that may involve water. Our polypropylene rope is able to float on water, so it is also referred ...

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    1. Nylon Rope

      The braided nylon rope boasts high elongation rate, 6%-8% for static elongation and 31% for dynamic elongation at the most. So, it could withstand relatively high load. According to its strand number, our nylon rope is divided into 3-strand type, 4-strand type, 8-strand type ...

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    1. Polyester Rope

      Our product possesses good flexibility, high tensile strength as well as excellent resistance to sunlight and chemicals, so it is often utilized for outdoor bundling, mountaineering and other household applications. Our polyester ropes are available in different diameters and constructions ...

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Rope is a widely used product in both daily life and professional fields, such as binding, hoisting, safety protection, etc. Compared with steel rope and other binding materials, our synthetic fiber rope has some distinct advantages. For example, it is cheap and realizes easy transportation, storage and use without asking for any maintenance, thus saving your time and money at the same time.

Available Product Type
As a trustworthy plastic rope manufacturer and wholesaler in China, we can provide polyethylene rope, polypropylene rope, nylon rope and polyester rope with different diameters and structures (twisted or braided). These ropes, fabricated from various raw materials, offer best-fit solutions for different industries, and you will surely find desired products here, no matter you are a distributor or a purchaser.

1. Agriculture: Binding rope, nylon mowing rope
2. Sports: Fishing rope, kite line, leg rope, climbing rope
3. Marine: Nylon rope, PP rope, polyester rope
4. Safety: Braided rope, lifesaving rope for drowning men, safety rope for fire escape ladder, safety rope for working at height
5. Daily life: Tow rope, wash line rope, bundling rope

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