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Geocell, or geoweb, is a newly-developed, high-strength geosynthetic material with a 3D cellular structure, but it is very popular around the world now.

As mentioned above, our cellular confinement system makes use of its 3D zone of confinement to contain and hold infill materials tightly, and it is porous to allow water drainage. In this way, the infill materials won’t be washed away by rain, thus enhancing soil stabilization and erosion control.

From this point of view, our geocell could work instead of conventional reinforced concrete and rock structure perfectly in some construction jobs.

As per GB/T 19274-2003 standard, this plastic geocell is made with ultrasonically-welded high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and during use, it could be expanded to form a three-dimensional honeycomb-like structure which may be filled with soil, sand, gravel, concrete or other loose materials, thereby creating a composite entity with good rigidity and strong lateral movement resistance. Moreover, our porous HDPE geocell allows convenient transportation since it is foldable. So, this geocell is highly recommended.

1. Subgrade stabilization
2. Load support of embankment and revetment
3. Shallow-water channel protection
4. Slope protection of gravity retaining wall
5. Earth retention of independent wall, wharf, breakwater, desert, seabeach, riverbed, river bank and so on

Technical Data of Geocell
Property Specification Test Method
Type of section Indented and perforated Measured
Diameter of perforation 8mm Measured
Tendon hole D=12mm Measured
Cell wall thickness 1.52±0.15mm ASTM D5199
Manufacturing process of textured cell strips Extrusion ISO Plant Certification
Seam peel strength 1420N/10cm GL-86-19 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,Apendix A
Welding distance 330, 400, 550, 660mm Measured
Density 0.935-0.965g/cm3 ASTM D-1505
Carbon black content 1.5%-2.0% Measured
Environmental stress crack resistance 2000hr ASTM D1693
Cell depth 75, 100, 150, 200mm Measured
Welding method Ultrasonic -
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