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Our geotextile possesses excellent resistance to heat and sunlight, and its technical parameters will remain almost unchanged even if exposed to ambient environment at 20℃ for a short time. As proved by many experiments and practices, this polypropylene woven geotextile won't be damaged by water, microorganism or natural soil. The following paragraphs give brief introductions of its major functions.

1. Permanent Separation
Our geotextile fabric separates two soil layers composed of different constituents, that is, eliminating the risk of intermixing of soils for a very long time. Moreover, it has good frost resistance, and it could withstand necessary load during construction.

2. Good Filtration
For a geotextile, water is allowed to permeate in both directions without accumulating pressure, and soil loss is avoided simultaneously which is beneficial for both soil stabilization and corrosion resistance.

3. Reliable Drainage
Due to its fluffy structure, this geotechnical fabriceffectively controls water drainage in geotechnical engineering projects.

4. Excellent Safety Protection
Thanks to its fluffy structure, good elongation and puncture resistance, our woven geotextile offers reliable protection to prevent geomembranes or other protective layers from mechanical damage.

5. Remarkable Reinforcement
The fluffiness and high strength of our geotextile help to reinforce the strength and stability of the entire project.

Technical Data of Geotextile
Item Unit Typical Value Test Standard
Mechanical Property
Polymer - PP PP ASTM D1777
Mass per unit area g/m2 230 250 ASTM D5261
Tensile strength (MD/CD) kN/m 58/47 62/51 ASTM D4595
Elongation at break (MD/CD) % 30/25 30/27 ASTM D4595
Trapezoidal tear (MD/CD) N 1175/1100 1200/1150 ASTM D4533
CBR puncture resistance N 6500 7000 GRI-GSI, AS3706-4
Hydraulic Property
Vertical permeability coefficient cm/s 2.3×10-3 3×10-3 ASTM D4491
Apparent opening size (AOS) mm 0.053 0.10 ASTM D4751
UV resistance (retained after 500hrs) % 90 90 ASTM D4355
Width m 3 3 Measured
Length m 50/100 50/100 Measured
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