1. GeocellAs per GB/T 19274-2003 standard, this plastic geocell is made with ultrasonically-welded high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and during use, it could be expanded to form a three-dimensional honeycomb-like structure which may be filled with soil, sand, gravel, concrete or other loose ...
    1. GeomembraneDue to its superior features, our impermeable geomembrane liner offers efficient and cost-effective lining and covering solutions for reservoirs, mining factories, solid waste landfills, etc.
    1. GeotextileOur geotextile fabric separates two soil layers composed of different constituents, that is, eliminating the risk of intermixing of soils for a very long time. Moreover, it has good frost resistance, and it could withstand necessary load during construction.
    1. Polypropylene FiberOur structural polypropylene fiber forms a 3D random network in concrete so as to prevent micro crack growth at early ages of concrete setting, thereby enhancing the breaking strength, crack resistance and anti-permeability of concrete.


Geosynthetics are similar to plastic ropes since they are also fabricated from plastic granules and through similar production process. Therefore, we build up dedicated production workshops to make various kinds of geosynthetic materials, including geocell, geomembrane, geotextile, polypropylene fiber, etc.

Our geosynthetics are universally used to solve civil engineering problems, and they are placed in soils, above soils, or between different soil layers to offer reinforcement or protection for the soil. These lightweight and foldable products realize convenient transportation, storage, installation and use, while their low price is very attractive.

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