1. Electric Fence Poly Tape

      Our conductive poly tape offers great visibility, and it is very robust and resistant to rust, making it applicable under different weather conditions. So, this electric fencing product is highly recommended. The electric fence poly tape comes in different colors including white, brown, green, blue ...

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    1. Electric Fence Poly Rope

      Our electric horse fencing rope makes use of stainless steel filaments to provide high strength and good conductivity, and it doesn't flap in wind since it is less affected by wind-action. In this regard, this stranded poly rope is a perfect choice for windy areas.

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    1. Electric Fence Poly Wire

      The electric fence poly wire is exceptionally suitable to contain slow-moving animals, such as sheep and cattle but not horses since they run pretty fast. It is supplied in spools to facilitate temporary fencing, and it is also a preferred choice if you are subdividing a paddock.

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    1. Electric Fence AccessoriesThese fencing accessories have distinct colors, thus making the fence line conspicuous for both human and livestock. The post insulator fastens and connects poly tape, poly rope or wire firmly to form a perfect electric fence.
    1. Electric Fence PostConstructed from PP, our livestock fencing post allows easier installation and transportation when compared with wooden fence post, and it also boasts better firmness and insulation property. So, this plastic fence post is a preferred choice to work instead of conventional wooden post.
    1. Polyethylene RopeWith a beautiful look, the braided PE rope provides versatile applications, making it a commonly used material in bundling and other fields that have requirements in appearance.
    1. Polypropylene Rope

      This product absorbs extremely little moisture even when it is thrown into water, and it possesses stable chemical property and very light weight, making it commonly used for places that may involve water. Our polypropylene rope is able to float on water, so it is also referred ...

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    1. Nylon Rope

      The braided nylon rope boasts high elongation rate, 6%-8% for static elongation and 31% for dynamic elongation at the most. So, it could withstand relatively high load. According to its strand number, our nylon rope is divided into 3-strand type, 4-strand type, 8-strand type ...

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    1. Polyester Rope

      Our product possesses good flexibility, high tensile strength as well as excellent resistance to sunlight and chemicals, so it is often utilized for outdoor bundling, mountaineering and other household applications. Our polyester ropes are available in different diameters and constructions ...

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    1. GeocellAs per GB/T 19274-2003 standard, this plastic geocell is made with ultrasonically-welded high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and during use, it could be expanded to form a three-dimensional honeycomb-like structure which may be filled with soil, sand, gravel, concrete or other loose ...
    1. GeomembraneDue to its superior features, our impermeable geomembrane liner offers efficient and cost-effective lining and covering solutions for reservoirs, mining factories, solid waste landfills, etc.
    1. GeotextileOur geotextile fabric separates two soil layers composed of different constituents, that is, eliminating the risk of intermixing of soils for a very long time. Moreover, it has good frost resistance, and it could withstand necessary load during construction.
    1. Polypropylene FiberOur structural polypropylene fiber forms a 3D random network in concrete so as to prevent micro crack growth at early ages of concrete setting, thereby enhancing the breaking strength, crack resistance and anti-permeability of concrete.
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