Plastic Rope and Electric Fencing Application

Plastic Rope
In ancient times, people made ropes out of grass or other natural materials at the earliest to bind or drag objects. Several thousand years later, HENGTONG adopts new materials and production skills to manufacture various kinds of plastic ropes, and these ropes have been extensively utilized in agriculture, livestock husbandry, daily life, sports, outdoor recreation, life rescue and other fields.

Our plastic rope boasts light weight, good corrosion resistance and low production cost, making it suitable to work instead of other ropes.

Electric Fencing System
The electric fencing system is actually an electric barrier that uses electric shocks to deter animals from crossing a boundary, and it is extremely effective in keeping in chickens, horses, sheep, cattle and other livestock. Compared with traditional fence, it is cheaper, easier to install, and requires no maintenance.

  • Livestock Fencing

    In livestock breeding industry, a stable and safe fence is of great importance. Conventional steel or wooden fences could contain animals well, but it takes a lot ...

  • Agricultural Staking and Bundling

    Agricultural rope mainly refers to PE rope and PP rope, and it is used for two major purposes which are staking and bundling. Staking means fixing roots or stems ...

  • Marine Use

    Ships are intended to be used on lakes, seas or rivers for quite a long time, and their ropes are faced with great challenges as a result of the damp environment ...

  • Daily Life

    HENGTONG provides worldwide customers with diverse PP ropes to facilitate people’s lives. These ropes are soft, easy-to-carry and hard-to-deform, and they can create solid knots.

  • Life Rescue and Safety Protection

    As indicated by its name, this safety rope is intended to protect people when working at height. It is manufactured from polyester, so it shows high mechanical strength as well as excellent resistance ...

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