PE Rope and PP Rope in Agricultural Staking and Bundling

Agricultural rope mainly refers to PE rope and PP rope, and it is used for two major purposes which are staking and bundling. Staking means fixing roots or stems of crops, while bundling means packing straws or other agricultural products in bundles. Our plastic rope is economical, but it is able to offer sound performance, making it an irreplaceable product.

HENGTONG has provided agricultural ropes for many large farms in Inner Mongolia, Sinkiang, Northeast China and other regions in China, and these ropes are eco-friendly and perfect for packing agricultural products.

Staking Rope
Staking ropes are commonly seen in greenhouses to fix roots, stems and fruits of crops.

Bundling Rope
Bundling ropes are mainly manufactured from PE or PP, and they are compatible with square and round bundling machines. With diameter and tensile force of 2-5mm and 200-300kg respectively, our ropes are primarily utilized to bundle maize straw, wheat straw, rice straw, alfalfa hay, pasture and more. In addition, they are particularly suitable for pastures and power plants.

In general, Polyethylene Rope and Polypropylene Rope are highly recommended for agricultural staking and bundling.

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