As a prominent plastic rope expert in China, HENGTONG takes quality as its top priority. Accordingly, SPC is implemented to realize strict quality control, from incoming inspection to final strength testing. On the other hand, the dedicated QC team will detect all ropes at predetermined procedures, while spot check will be conducted irregularly.

The following paragraphs give brief introduction on our process control.

1. Plastic Wire Drawing
a. Front-line workers are required to check whether plastic wires are broken or have different diameters at any time, and if the answer is yes, problematic wire will be cut off in time.
b. When either color or manufacturing technique is changed, the plastic wire drawing machine shall be shut down to receive an overhaul.
c. If the production process lasts too long without changing color or manufacturing technique, the uniformity and strength of finished plastic wires must be tested every day at least.

2. Wire Twisting
a. Our operators will detect if plastic wires are broken or in wrong quantity, if every roller weighs the same, and if product specification is in accordance with that listed in the process sheet.
b. Preventive maintenance is a must.

3. Rope Making
Our workers are responsible to make sure if there are short wires or ropes, if ropes are clean and away from greasy dirt, and if product specification is as regulated in the process sheet.

4. Weaving
Weaving is carried out as per process sheet, and our staff will inspect if there are defects with steel wires.

5.Performance Testing
After manufacturing process is finished, we will carry out performance test for every product.

6. Packaging
During packaging, we will make a final check, and the check list includes wire condition (not contaminated, no defects), weight (uniform), trademark (right brand name at the right position), blister pack (undamaged), carton (complete), quantity (correct), etc.

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