As a trustworthy electric fence, synthetic fiber rope and geosynthetic material supplier, HENGTONG tries to provide proactive service aside from high-quality products, and this is achievable only if we know about customer requirements and the actual working environments. So, we will communicate with you before cooperation to understand what you really need, and then recommend best-fit products to cut down procurement risk for you.

1. Product Sample
We are willing to offer product samples if requested, and a small amount of money is necessary. However, you can apply for free samples under special circumstances, and we will send newly-developed products to regular customers ASAP.

2. Lead Time
Our staff will inform you of the latest production schedule in time, and negotiate with you on product package as well. The lead time varies from 1 week to 2 weeks for existing models, and it is within 45 days for customized ones. For customers who make orders regularly, say one or two times every month, we will make preparation in advance to shorten the delivery time.

3. Warranty Period
The electric fence poly tape, poly rope, poly wire, post and accessories come with a warranty period of 5 years. If they are unsalable during this period, we can exchange these products with new models, or you can sell them at a promotional price.

As for our ropes and geosynthetics, their warranty periods are not limited.

4. Customization
Aside from color and weaving method, other parameters can be tailored according to your requirements, and we can develop new products if necessary. In addition, OEM service is also acceptable.

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